Carefully crafted by an architect to be Better by Design

The architects who designed the RADIUS range of toothbrushes are professional sticklers for elegant design. Their first (r)evolutionary product, the RADIUS OriginalⓇ, is now displayed at the Smithsonian Institute National Design Museum. From there, we’ve expanded our products to encompass a range of personal care and travel essentials that combine function and beauty in just the same way.

Just like other everyday products that have “evolved” through beautiful, functional design (think Dyson vacuum cleaners and Lumbar chairs), our products are totally unique. Each one is devised for a specialised purpose, utilising different materials and one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques — because refining and evolving the tools of your daily life is what we’re all about.

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Green for the right reasons

At RADIUS®, we take an holistic approach to designing and manufacturing our products, examining every step of the process — from prototyping and manufacturing to distribution and disposal — to ensure it's rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce our carbon footprint.

“We begin the design process with a 360-degree evaluation, giving due care and consideration to the entire life cycle of each and every product before we begin creating it.”


Powered by Sunshine: An American Factory

Almost 30 years ago, we bought and  renovated a historic feed mill in Kutztown,  Pennsylvania not far from the storied steel plants of Bethlehem. 
We make, package and ship all our products from this facility in small batches,  keeping complete control over production from start to finish to ensure quality stays up to our standards - the best of the best.