There’s no shortage of floss on the market, but not all of them are as special as ours.

From the materials we use to the flavours we infuse, RADIUS® flosses are compassionately made, deliciously effective and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before for three main reasons:

1) Luxurious silk and vegan-friendly nylon     

We’re championing a return to the days before nylon products, when floss was made from glossy and luxurious biodegradable silk. Our Natural Silk Floss® is spun on small machines in CORSEDA fair trade co-op, in the mountains of Colombia, which supports more than 80 families.

We also wanted to offer a 100% vegan-friendly version, so we went out in search of a high-level silk alternative, and the result is a floss made from the finest-grade nylon filament. It’s pliable, spongy and, of course, highly effective.

2) Flavours with benefits 

Our floss flavours weren't just selected on a whim. We wanted them to have additional oral health advantages as well as a great taste, which is why we picked USA-grown cranberry for its antibacterial properties, and natural mint tea tree, a renowned antiseptic. 

Additionally, for a hint of delicious sugar-free sweetness, we included Xylitol — a natural flavour enhancer (from USA-grown birch tree bark), which has been proven to reduce acidity in the mouth while preventing bacteria, making it a great asset in the fight against tooth decay.

3) Coated with care

We coat all our flosses in 100% pure, natural candelilla wax (derived from candelilla shrubs from the Southwestern US desert) for  maximum glide-ability. They’re also  free from  glutens, preservatives, GMOs,  artificial sweeteners, colourings and fluoride,  for your peace of mind.