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Testimonials for Radius Europe

Love my toothbrush!

I wasn't sure about changing from my reliable electronic one to start with but love the ethics behind this company and the idea of using something more natural and vegan really appealed to me.

After using this brush for a month my teeth feel dentist clean everyday, much better job than the electronic brush, my gums look and feel better too, would definitely recommend for the whole family as my teenage son has also really benefited from using his too, great product 😁

Bec Francis (Facebook)

A brilliant toothbrush,

My 15 month old daughter hated brushing her teeth and it was always a battle everyday but since using the radius child's toothbrush she has loved it and moans when you stop brushing her teeth. I 100% recommend this product and look forward to trying the adults toothbrush.

Emma Collett (Facebook)