RADIUS® Source - Subscription

RADIUS® Source - Subscription

8.99 every 3 months

10% Off when you Subscribe

We will deliver a new Radius Source Toothbrush every 3 Months.

  • Replaceable Heads with Premium Bristles

  • Longer Neck for Better Reach

  • Upcycled Natural-Feel Handle

  • Reversible Handle Design

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Earth-friendly + easy to handle

Thanks to replacement-head technology and a handle made from repurposed materials, the Source™ reduces waste by 93%. When you’re done with one of its patented, gum-stimulating heads you simply swap it for another. And the luxurious cleaning continues...

  1. Replaceable Heads with Premium Bristles Like nothing else on the market, the Source cuts back on plastic usage while simultaneously boasting a unique curved bristle-bed, ensuring our sumptuously soft bristles clean and massage the gum rather than aggravating them.

  2. Longer Neck for Better Reach The Source has an unbreakable slim neck that’s longer than your average toothbrush to provide maximum reach in tight spaces.

  3. Upcycled Natural-Feel Handle The elegant, one-of-a-kind handle is composed of repurposed and recycled materials — like wood, paper and even recycled dollar bills — for a beautiful, natural look and feel.

  4. Reversible Handle Design As user-friendly for lefties as it is for right-handed brushers, the ergonomic design helps reduce pressure on teeth and gums for optimal oral health.

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