We put as much thought into the making of RADIUS® products as we do the design of them.

Almost 30 years ago, we bought and  renovated a historic feed mill in Kutztown,  Pennsylvania not far from the storied steel plants of Bethlehem. 
We make, package and ship all our products from this facility in small batches,  keeping complete control over production from start to finish to ensure quality stays up to our standards - the best of the best.

We’re as proud of our plant as we are of its products. Clean teeth and clean air – our stock in trade.  

Following this renovation, in March 2011 we went a step further, installing a 50,000 Kilowatt solar-panel system on the factory roof. Each year since, RADIUS has been able to generate enough electricity to power roughly 15 homes straight from the Pennsylvania sun, offsetting 210 metric tons of carbon, the equivalent of 45 acres of healthy trees. Thanks to ultra-efficient machinery and savvy production schedules, solar power accounts for more than 67%, or more than two-thirds, of electricity at the RADIUS plant.


In the period February 2015 - July 2015 we;

◦ Produced enough energy to run a TV for 61,952 Days

◦ Saved the pollution equivalent of running an average passenger car for almost 65 years

◦ Saved 646,496 lbs of Carbon Dioxide

◦ Saved 117 of Nitrogen Oxide.

We might be a small family company, but our efforts are big. To compare, Wal-Mart has 335 renewable energy projects in operation or under development, however, solar power still only accounts for about 25% of its electricity. While commercial solar projects are typically concentrated in sunnier climates like those of California and Arizona or states with major incentive programs, like Massachusetts, we make every one of our panels count.