Adult Toothbrushes

Adult Toothbrushes - FAQ

Why don’t you make electric toothbrushes?

As you may have noticed, RADIUS does not make electric toothbrushes. It’s manual all the way for us. The reason for this is that in 2006, Cochrane Collaborative, the world’s leading dental research body, found that a manual toothbrush was not only a much cheaper option but was also better for your teeth. In fact, only one electric toothbrush was found to be better than a manual (and by only 7%). So when you see an electric toothbrush on display in your dentist’s office, odds are you’re seeing the work of a great salesman, not science.

You can, but you don't have to. There are two small drain holes directly behind the RADIUS logo on the handle that allow any water collected on the inside to drain out. We designed the TOUR this way so you don't have to keep your toothbrush open in order for it to dry.

If you do want to let it dry before closing it, you can leave it open with the RADIUS logo on the handle flat against the sink or counter. 

It's your choice. You do you. 

Easy peasy. Hold your toothbrush with the brush head facing you. If the head angles toward your left hand, it's a leftie. If it angles towards your right, it's a rightie. 





Can toothbrush heads be recycled?

We're sorry to say that toothbrush heads, regardless of the brand, cannot be recycled due to metal staples in them that keep the bristles attached to the head.

Our toothbrush handles are recyclable unlike other brands. Most other brands of toothbrushes are over moulded which means they use more than 1 type of plastic and cannot be recycled. For example, a typical Oral B handle uses rubber (TPE) and Polypropylene. Our handles are only one type of plastic or they are reusable.

How should I sanitise my toothbrush?

Whatever you do, do not put any of our toothbrushes or travel cases in the dishwasher. It won't be pretty.

The high temperature of a dishwasher, boiling water, or microwave will melt the plastic. To sanitise your toothbrush we recommend using a solution of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. You can use the 3% dilution of hydrogen peroxide, which is the most common and typically found in drugstores or pharmacies. Soak your toothbrush for 5-10 minutes and voilà! Good as new. 

Is the Source Toothbrush available in right or left handed?

The Source loves everyone. It can be right or left handed depending on how you put the Replacement Head into the handle. The bump in the handle should rest in the palm of your hand. 


What's the difference between the Source and Original/SCUBA?

Being a toothbrush is pretty much the only thing that they have in common because their designs are completely different. The Source handle is straight, not angled like the Original and SCUBA, and the Source handle is made from recycled materials like dollar bills, wood, and paper. The Source also uses Replacement Heads which are 50% smaller than the Original/SCUBA heads. The Source can be either right or left handed depending on how you put the Replacement Head into the handle. The Original and SCUBA come in right and left hand versions.

RADIUS® Source
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Do the Original & SCUBA both have soft bristles?

You bet. All of our bristles are soft with the exception of our Medium Replacement Heads. The bristles on the Original and SCUBA are exactly the same but because the SCUBA has a flexible neck the bristles might feel softer since you are exerting less pressure while you brush. 

Do the Original & SCUBA Toothbrushes come with medium bristles?

They don't. All of our toothbrushes are made with only soft bristles with the exception of our Medium Replacement Heads that can be used with our Source and TOUR Toothbrushes. 

How can I tell the difference between the Original & SCUBA?

It's all about looks. The Original Toothbrush is made from a hard cellulose plastic giving it an almost translucent "sea glass" appearance and the thumb grip will be smooth. The SCUBA is made from an opaque rubber and the thumb grip will have bumps and ridges. Also, when you push on the SCUBA's brush head the neck will bend and flex making it perfect for harder brushers. 

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Radius® Scuba
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Will the SuperSoft bristle actually clean my teeth?

Absolutely. It's soft, yet effective. Our SuperSoft bristles are meant to gently clean your teeth and the tapered bristles help get between your teeth and along your gum-line. 

How do I remove my Replacement Head from the handle?

Pull the head straight out of the handle. Please, we beg you... do not twist the head to get it out of the handle - you could break the poor thing in half.