Radius® Scuba

Radius® Scuba

  • Supersized Brush Head for Superior Cleaning

  • 3x Longer Lasting Bristles

  • “Flex-Neck” Technology

  • Award-Winning “Easy-Grip” Design

  • Sustainable from the Start

  • Seven eye-catching colour options

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Toothbrush with a twist

Same clever design as the Original®, but with a fun and functional twist. The brighter, lighter SCUBA® is made from flexible recycled rubber, providing more give and grip for a comfortable and effective cleaning experience. Perfect for more vigorous brushers, the American Dental Association®-accepted SCUBA gently invigorates gum tissue and may reduce chronic bleeding, receding gums and enamel erosion, day after day.

  1. Supersized Brush Head for Superior Cleaning The wide oval brush head coupled with a flexible neck helps target those tricky-to-reach areas more easily than the Original, massaging the whole mouth as it goes for an all-over tingly clean.

  2. 3x Longer Lasting Bristles Made from vegetable-based nylon bristles (which, in case you’re wondering, are BPA-free, FDA approved and ADA accepted) the SCUBA lasts 3x longer than other run-of-the-mill toothbrushes. What’s more, the bristles are softer and more uniquely aligned, providing even pressure that reduces chronic bleeding, receding gums and enamel erosion.

  3. “Flex-Neck” Technology The SCUBA’s wide, soft head stems from an angled neck that reduces pressure on gums and teeth — especially if you’re a hard brusher.

  4. Award-Winning “Easy-Grip” Design The RADIUS SCUBA’s user-friendly handle complies with the dentist-recommended 45-degree brush-to-tooth angle, and the smart Thumb-and-Palm design makes it much easier to grip and control. The ergonomic design comes in right- and left-handed versions, so everybody can enjoy a more sumptuous teeth-cleaning experience.

  5. Sustainable from the Start From the recycled rubber handle to the vegetable-based nylon bristles, the RADIUS SCUBA is eco-friendly from top to bottom.

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