Great for you

Great for children

Great for the planet


Why Choose Radius?

Just like other everyday products that have “evolved” through beautiful, functional design (think Dyson vacuum cleaners and Lumbar chairs), every one of our products is totally unique — devised for a specialised purpose, utilising different materials and one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques — because refining and evolving the tools of your daily life is what we’re all about.

At Radius we have designed an enviable and comprehensive range of dental care products. Every step of the way we are thinking about functionality, effectiveness and the environmental impact of what we do. Not just with our products, but also with our packaging.

These core values have driven us to create products that are universally loved and have superb eco-credentials.


Who are we?

Radius is a woman-owned company based in Pennsylvania, USA specialising in the design and manufacture of organic and environmentally friendly dental care products and accessories. Our extensive range of toothbrushes, toothpastes, gels and flosses look after the entire family.

And the dog!

Founded by forward thinking architects Kevin Foley and James O’Halloran and now under the leadership of our CEO/President Saskia Foley, we have been proudly selling our multi-award winning, USA made, products since 1980.